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hn0020 artworkWe’re Yosemite’ing it on today’s episode! Sometimes, audio mixers are complicated and the buttons don’t always work like you’d expect (and we spend way too much time breaking down why). We’ve officially changed our format to a tech show. We hope you enjoy all of the Apple talk! We have (not much of) an update on our legal situation. We cover the saga of a defective air purifier we recently purchased. Also, after installing an aerial TV antenna, we’ve got a whopping 17 channels. Now we’re constantly distracted by TV shows. We finished the show with a news item about a haunted house with a real, scary dead guy.

Burnt plastic:

  • We used BoinxTV to record this video of Jen for Podcaster News.
  • How to have no worries: Move to a country where Xanax is available over the counter.
  • OS X: Disneyland. Coming soon. (OS X: Tabby, however… no.)
  • iTunes is red now, not blue.
  • We use Reaper. No, not Reaper of Souls.
  • Leo Laporte takes phone calls from old people who don’t know why their computers are broken.
  • I’m one of these olds that plugs the iPad into the computer every day.
  • Microsoft support scams shouldn’t call Mac owners.
  • Our current net worth: <<$100. It’s an awesome feeling.
  • Air purifiers. They’re not heaters.
  • Buy gift cards thru Gyft, spend an afternoon cuddling the Target dog.
  • Retail stores remember everything you’ve bought forever.
  • If you’re preggers, you’re getting coupons.
  • The manual for our TV antenna is really, truly terrible.
  • Expanding foam is useful but weird.
  • Japanese public television news reports are informative.
  • One really authentic haunted house has a real dead person on display.
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