Wisconsin Magicks

hn0053 artworkWelcome to our latest ep! On this show, we talked about the fun and frivolity we’ve been enjoying thru our new Apple TV. Jen’s favorite TV show is “Hoarders,” apparently. And despite her many food allergies, she really likes the show where people bake things under a tent in England. We’ve also been playing a fun game called Dragon Mania Legends. Then, I gave some thoughts on the new Star Wars movie after having finally seen it. Jen is having even more health problems due to the return of pollen season. We read over some listener feedback and finished out the show with a huuuuge article about everyones favorite presidential candidate, Donald Trump.


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4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Magicks

  1. Glad you are liking the new Apple TV. I too have been watching the Great British Baking Show and agree with your points that it is less cut throat than American reality shows. We’ve been rooting for Martha, the 17 year old who is amazingly talented. You brought up a point about wasted food I never even considered before.

    Wisconsin Magicks sounds like a sports team.

  2. In the UK, it’s called “The Great British Bake Off” – and it’s finished it’s 6th series in November. It’s very, very popular and so Im sure there will be more to come.

    The presenters, Mel and Sue, are a comedy duo here in the UK, and mainly do comedy shows on the Radio, and both have been on QI with Stephen Fry (something else you might like to watch on Netflix)

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