Livin’ In A Pyramid

hn0007 artworkLast week, we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary by visiting Las Vegas. We stayed at a hotel shaped like a pyramid! Jen had a piece of gluten-free carrot cake! Jen had lots of drinks! We hit it big at the blackjack table! (And by “blackjack table,” we really mean the $0.25 electronic blackjack machine.) Annoying salespeople! Lunch with Diablo! Big lights! Elvis Electric! Awkward selfies! More! And more!

Shiny, shiny details:

  • “Las Vegas” is technically unincorporated?
  • Jen’s cell phone does weird things to our recordings.
  • It’s really important to get to the airport two hours before a flight. Not really.
  • Santa Maria Airport = stuck in the 80’s.
  • The TSA took my face wash. Also, it was stupid of me to bring it.
  • Amtrak = no TSA.
  • Vending machine coffee. Always the best.
  • Boarding thru the aft hatch of a plane is sorta like climbing into a spaceship.
  • The Las Vegas airport is bigger than our local airports.
  • You have to go thru several buildings to catch a taxi at the Las Vegas airport.
  • Some Las Vegas cabs show weird “advertainment” videos on infinite loops.
  • Las Vegas. They just wanna get all your money before you leave.
  • Annoying salespeople inside casinos look like official security staff.
  • They’ll just put a piano guy there while you’re waiting in line because, Vegas.
  • Inclinators. They ain’t elevators.
  • We stayed at Motel 6 the first time we went to Vegas.
  • Las Vegas buffets = insane.
  • Jen always needs naps.
  • The Luxor has wifi but only on the first floor.
  • It’s not good to turn off air conditioners in Las Vegas.
  • Don’t walk across streets in Las Vegas unless you want to die.
  • Jen got her picture taken with Elvis Electric.
  • There are three Starbucks shops inside the Luxor.
  • Alcohol to go? No problem in Vegas!
  • Gluten-free pizza, french fries and wine. Happy Anniversary to us!
  • Slot machines aren’t fun.
  • Jen makes gamblers mad.
  • Walking around the Luxor is like running thru Ironforge.
  • We turned $5.00 into $7.00 by playing electronic Blackjack.
  • Boarding-pass apps for airports actually work.
  • Some people on airplanes are weird.
  • Our airplane broke as we were flying back to California but it wasn’t serious.
  • Jen is running a crowd funding experiment via Beacon. Please support the project if you’d like to learn more about Common Core.
  • Jen is also contributing to Bubblews.
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0 thoughts on “Livin’ In A Pyramid

  1. Do they still have the Sphinx in front of the Luxor where you catch the tram? They also had a little Egyptian museum there. Last time I was there was around 2003 or 4 and we stayed at MGM. My parents go 2 or 3 times a year and usually stay at the Aria which is past Bellagio and Caeser’s Palace. Glad you two had a good time.

    • Sphinx is indeed still out front of Luxor. Not sure I saw the museum unless that’s the area where I sat to look at my iPad. They had a few displays in there that looked museum-y. But, it wasn’t much.

  2. When we went to the Luxor back in the day they had a simulated tomb that you could check out. That was interesting. We also were tempted to go to the aquarium, but once we got all the way there, it didn’t feel worth it. Now that we live near the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I doubt we would even think about heading that way. Talli and I were also not real gamblers, so the Vegas thing with the exception of King Arthur’s tournament was mostly a bust for us. We’re just not Vegas people.

  3. You two really went nuts in Vegas! Although, I’m sure we’ll never hear about the really good stuff. Now, while Olive Garden may not have blackjack slots, it does have gluten-free pasta, and lots of it. So, belly up!

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