All About The Joints

hn0021 artworkIn this episode, we learn about how the joints in Jen’s body can predict the weather. Speaking of which, it’s rained here for the first time in six months! We’v got stories about how people gleefully reacted to the rain (on Halloween no less). One of our neighbors got a new house and the whole teardown/buildup of that is making us sick! We introduce an exciting new segment called Uterus Talk. In the inaugural edition of Uterus Talk, Jen recounts her adventures in trying to make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. We respond to some listener feedback. Then, we round out the show with a news article about a woman who received the wrong sperm.

Frappe creek:

  • The joints. Not the ligaments.
  • Noodle chefs and indie theater dudes love the rain.
  • If we don’t get some good rain over the winter, things are gonna get real here in California.
  • On Halloween, a monster house appeared!
  • DIY Implanon replacement. Not a good idea.
  • The Sweet Pickles kid loves Uterus Talk!
  • How about an iTunes review?
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  • Lesbian lady gets the wrong sperm, files lawsuit.
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