Electric Man and Undervolt!

hn0009 artworkWe’re Starbuckin’ it! Live with hula girls and balloon animals! Not really. We had a conversation about how maybe it’s not so good that we’re married to each other because sickness, disabilities, etc. But it’s likely that normals wouldn’t put up with either one of us for long so maybe it’s all worked out for the best. We’re really killing it in terms of money. We’re doing so well that Jen actually qualifies for Medi-Cal! We’ve got bus-riding refugee kids on the Sweet Pickles Bus. Not really. We recounted the coincidences in which we might’ve met earlier in life (but didn’t). We read some listener comments. Jen’s got another unintentionally funny post from Bubblews. And more!

More details:

  • San Luis Obispo. Cool kids call(ed) it “SLO Town.”
  • Between the two of us, we’re almost one functional human being.
  • Do they have Starbucks in prison?
  • We’re so old and broken. We’re both receiving government-sponsored health insurance.
  • I was gonna go to Columbia College. Jen was, too. Then, we didn’t.
  • Jen worked at Santa’s Village at the same time my sister worked there.
  • I said I was at the radio station from 2005-2006 but it was actually 1995-1996.
  • Jen’s mom always wanted to go to Spring Hill Mall.
  • I was gonna take driver’s ed class but my dad didn’t want to pay for it.
  • My sister drove to the mall once before she had her drivers license.
  • If Jen and I had met years before we actually met because we were both already in lousy relationships.
  • Refugee-blanket kids are OK to ride the public bus. Kids from the summer program (or whatever) should ride the Sweet Pickles Bus.
  • I remembered a kids book called Pepe Goes North. This book has disappeared from history.
  • I made some of the steak burgies that we mentioned in the previous episode. They were pretty good.
  • We lost our voicemail number so don’t call it.
  • I’ve been making some progress with an app called BoinxTV. Coming soon: video ‘casts!
  • I’m considering moving the studio around again to more easily accommodate video production.
  • We read some comments from recent episodes.
  • We talked about pinball machines including one I remembered that would go, “The storm is coming. Return to your home!”
  • Jen read an unintentionally funny post from Bubblews.
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