It’s been a minute (or two) since we released an episode. But we’ve got some good reasons. And we cover them in this episode!

Jen got sick. Shawn got sick. And other stuff happened.

Jen talked about her new podcast and non-podcast ventures. Shawn talked about why he rejoined Instagram after being away from that platform for many years.

The two talk a lot about social networks, and why social networks suck.



One thought on “Twitch’d

  1. Twitter and Facebook are my learning networks. I very rarely post, but I follow groups on Facebook like Mac Power Users podcast group and Music Teachers. Twitter, I mainly just look at my Mac list lately. I should probably seriously weed who I follow.

    I can understand how you can get hung up on the editing with Screenflow. I love the program, but editing always takes the longest time. Nice to hear another show.

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