Space Train

hn0002 artworkWe’ve done it! Yes, it’s true. We’ve successfully doubled the number of episodes we’ve produced so far. In honor of this milestone, we’ve decided to end the show. Just kidding! How could we quit now? We’ve got listeners leaving us comments, tweets, even calling us at home in the middle of the night! We’ve got new audio gear and we’re happy to tell you about it, even if we do have “more money than sense” in buying all of this stuff. We also discovered that the Australian prime minister has apparently been listening to our pods for years. Star Wars references! We got those, too. And daring helicopter-based escapes from Canadian prisons.

More details:

        • I had considered putting together a complete “historical archive” of all of our episodes instead of just starting over with episode one. That didn’t happen.
        • Jen made an interesting connection between my ideas for that show archive and Robotech.
        • You can now listen to Hyper Nonsense thru several different platforms. Check the sidebar of the site (or the end of these shownotes) for more details.
        • I went thru a lot of hassle with tech issues including WordPress, our podcast player and editing files with TextEdit.
        • There is a conspiracy against us at Apple!
        • We do not have a marketing plan.
        • I was the point of a diabolical international joke at last year’s Blizzcon. (Blame Canadia!)
        • Tony Abbott referred to the fictional land to the north of the U.S. by its proper name.
        • If we move to Australia, our pet cockatiels would merge and turn into Magnatiel. Also, we would get to live in a palace.
        • Are there still enlightened despots? With free-cupcake Fridays?
        • At about 43:00, did you hear the mouse click?
        • Paul gets a badge for being the first person to follow our Twitter account.
        • My heart area has been more radiant than usual. Like Iron Man.
        • Thanks to Erk, Nathan, The Daves, Rowley, Ken, Ben, Tim and Hope for feeding back on last week’s show. We also got a call in the middle of the night from Robert.
        • Some dude tried trolling me on a podcasting group but I was vindicated on Twitter.
        • I have things to do. Not including starting arguments on the Internet.
        • Jen is the world’s foremost authority in internet troll behavior.
        • Star Wars talk from earlier lead us to an article about Harrison Ford being injured on set of Episode VII.
        • I’ve been writing about the Star Wars movies. So far, I’ve watched episode one and episode two.
        • We finished things out with an article about insane Canadian prison breaks.
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0 thoughts on “Space Train

  1. I did not hear the mouseclick but I was working in the middle of the night.

    I am so glad you guys are podcasting again. It seems like forever since I’ve heard the trumpets of fail.

    • Thanks, Robert! Glad to know you didn’t notice the mouse click. Tho, I’ve since reset most of the audio gear, so it probably won’t even make a difference now…

  2. What is Magnatiel a reference to? I assume it is referring to one of those cartoon robots that assemble themselves to make one giant robot. I also laughed both times at your Convo/Convoy reference.

  3. I heard no mouse clicking. So either the sound is fine…or my hearing is starting to go. A 3rd option could be that my iPhone headphones just don’t register it. My right Earpod is only working half the time lately. Might have to replace them soon.

    I have to say that I love the idea of weekly Hyper Nonsense!

    • You have my permission to replace those EarPods, David. It’s really important that you can hear the subtle use of stereo mixing in our theme song.

      And we’re happy about doing a weekly show, too. Now we just have to stick with it…

  4. Yup, Apple screwed up TextEdit. I think it uses rich text format by default now. Something that actually works is Text Wrangler, free from the Mac App Store. It’s a stripped down version of BBEdit.

    • Thanks for the tip, Dave! Nathan also suggested TextWrangler to me. I’m managing so far with Xcode but would’ve liked to have been able to download something smaller.

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