Specialized Heads

hn0005 artworkMan, we’re getting old. Don’t believe us? Just listen to this pod! We spent a lot of time talking about toothbrushes and shopping coupons. Still don’t believe us? We also talked about new bedroom curtains! Some of this old-person talk is relative to the new business we’re launching, but some of it’s just because we’re old. Last week was Independence Day here in ‘Merica. We’ve got some explosive news related to that, as well as an analysis of the country’s favorite 4th of July jams. Also, we read some iTunes reviews and go over a little bit of other listener feedback. And MmmPasta Syndrome.

More details:

  • Our new business venture: A hydra with multiple, specialized heads.
  • It’s hard recording audio when everything outside is noisy.
  • Jen has the gift of sleepy boos. I don’t.
  • TWiT shows are good for falling asleep to.
  • We ordered some blackout curtains.
  • I’m skeptical about online reviews.
  • Our air conditioner now looks like it’s wearing a bonnet.
  • We have a big box in our living room. It’s been there a long time.
  • CVS gives you enough coupons to wear them as a sash.
  • My toothbrush was growing a mold colony.
  • Jen doesn’t do “traditional scrapbooking.”
  • Jen knows a lot about coupons.
  • Realty TV might not be real?
  • Important decisions about toothbrush colors are made.
  • Custom toothbrushes: A million-dollar business idea.
  • Jen was one of 1.5 babillion podcasters interviewed on Realm Maintenance episode 100.
  • We read a comment from Nathaniel and read some iTunes reviews.
  • The birth of a show. That’s when you make pod babies.
  • In honor of ‘Merica’s birthday, we read an article about a guy who lost his hands when some fireworks exploded while he was holding the fireworks.
  • We also looked at a list of our country’s favorite 4th of July songs.
  • Check out our new Support page if you’d like to #BuyJenADrink next week in Las Vegas.
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0 thoughts on “Specialized Heads

  1. CVS is nutty with those coupons. They’re always worthless deals though. For some reason they believe that I need a lot of beauty products. Or razors. Of course, no amount of makeup is going to make me pretty and I’ve gone electric a long time ago on those razors, so their coupons are usually worthless to me. Except as firestarter possibly, in a ‘mergency! I should probably make a youtube video about it and get 60 babillion views and get on Lifehacker!

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