hn0024 artworkWelcome to our jam-packed 24th episode! In this edition, we discuss some recent run-ins with crazy people around town. Jen talks about her ongoing adventure with getting birth control from Planned Parenthood. We talk about how this year, we had our first-ever Thanksgiving at home with just the two of us. We read some listener feedback and we cover a story about how a backpack containing $100,000 was found at a Burger King. And more!

Quasars, we got ’em:

  • We’re on episode 24, meaning we’ve done approximately six months worth of shows. Congratulate us.
  • Is Endor in the ninth house of Vulcan?
  • Black beans are impossible to find at the store.
  • Permanently homeless people know it’s tough to manage that lifestyle with a pet. Transients don’t understand that (yet).
  • I interviewed Norm from PodcastOne and now we’re BFF’s.
  • Gluten can’t hurt you if you don’t have Celiac disease. Wrong.
  • I used this gluten-free pie crust recipe but I skipped all the fancy parts like using a rolling pin.
  • I also used this gluten-free stuffing recipe.
  • We used to eat wonderful foodz that mostly will kill you.
  • What would you do if you found $100,000 in a Burger King backpack?
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0 thoughts on “Cray-craysgiving

  1. What would I do if I found $100,000 in a Burger King backpack? What are you talking about? There was only $75,000 in that backpack!

    I’d probably give it all back. With that amount though, I think a tiny reward would be in order. And yes, the police are supposed to give the finder the money if nobody steps forward in a certain amount of time. I wonder how often they might “forget” to do that though. The police are busy after all…

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