Having an Already Together

We’re sick, allergic, broken, in mental, emotional and physical pain… And we’re back for another exciting episode! We talked about our recent health problems, including allergic reactions, bad backs and more! We covered our Thanksgiving “already together.” We went over a little bit of listener feedback and (finally) picked a winner in our theme song contest. Then, we finished out the show with a little bit of Star Wars-related news.

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Not-Best Of

HN classic logoIt’s a very special episode of Hyper Nonsense! We’re currently at Blizzcon 2014 but the pods keep rollin’. We’ve got a compilation show for you, made of clips from the original version of Hyper Nonsense. We talk about how good customer service is like sex. I share some stories about meeting crazy people in public and how abandoned clothing items are probably portkeys. Then, we revisit a news story about a radio DJ who quit her job in a colorful way, while she was on the air.


  • We’ll have this down to a science by episode 250.
  • Hyper Nonsense: It’s a verbal bullet train that’s probably gonna end up in a wreck.
  • This lab ain’t no lemonade stand.
  • Listening to an iPod: It’s a statement to the world that says, “Please don’t talk to me.”
  • There’s a secret shoe-exchange society that leaves pairs of shoes in specific places.
  • Whatever happened to Inetta the Moodsetta?
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  • Thanks to Matt Sams for providing us with some cool music beds.
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The iThing

hn0020 artworkWe’re Yosemite’ing it on today’s episode! Sometimes, audio mixers are complicated and the buttons don’t always work like you’d expect (and we spend way too much time breaking down why). We’ve officially changed our format to a tech show. We hope you enjoy all of the Apple talk! We have (not much of) an update on our legal situation. We cover the saga of a defective air purifier we recently purchased. Also, after installing an aerial TV antenna, we’ve got a whopping 17 channels. Now we’re constantly distracted by TV shows. We finished the show with a news item about a haunted house with a real, scary dead guy.

Burnt plastic:

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