Personal Crisis

Sorry. But, it’s a solo show this week. Jen is time traveling again so it might be time to reactivate the Hyper Nonsense Emergency Cohost Beacon ™. During this episode, I talked about a personal crisis involving my love of Starbucks vs. my discovery of a potentially superior product at Peet’s. I also talked about my recent adventures in digital music streaming obsessiveness. And then there was an announcement of an exciting new contest!


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hn0029 artworkWelcome to the new Hyper Nonsense! Well, it’s pretty much the old Hyper Nonsense. Well, not the OLD Hyper Nonsense. Anyway, this episode features our first guest of 2015, Nathan. During the show, we gave an update on our failed water heater, and the process we went thru to get it replaced. Then, we talked to Nathan about his own podcasting and musical endeavors. Because we’re a teach show (!), we also talked a lot about apps and software (mostly Apple stuff). And more!

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