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Hyper Nonsense is back! And in an attempt to make things even more complicated, Shawn attempted to stream the show live over Facebook Live Audio. (And yes, it is another sad, depressing, solo show. Sorry?) Shawn is going to the upcoming Podcast Movement conference in Anaheim! He is excited about it, but also dealing with the usual levels of anxiety and dread that go along with leaving the house. In a previous episode, Shawn talked about how he and Jen are considering donating their old car to charity. Shawn gives an update on that situation, and shares his feelings about being car-free (definitely not care-free). Shawn talks about his quest to be known by name at ever pizza parlor in town. And more!


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Livin’ In A Pyramid

hn0007 artworkLast week, we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary by visiting Las Vegas. We stayed at a hotel shaped like a pyramid! Jen had a piece of gluten-free carrot cake! Jen had lots of drinks! We hit it big at the blackjack table! (And by “blackjack table,” we really mean the $0.25 electronic blackjack machine.) Annoying salespeople! Lunch with Diablo! Big lights! Elvis Electric! Awkward selfies! More! And more!

Shiny, shiny details:

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