Loomis and The Lawsuit

hn0033 artworkWe’re continuing our promise to bring a monthly interview guest to the podcast. Yeah, we’re a little late with February’s interview but we think you’ll find it was worth the wait. On this episode, we interview Will Loomis, singer/songwriter with the band Loomis and The Lust from Santa Barbara, CA. We actually interviewed Will once before (during the GeminiDragon days) regarding his ongoing legal case against pop star Jessie J. The legal matter stems from the fact that Jessie J.’s hit song “Domino” sounds suspiciously similar to Will’s “Bright Red Chords.” It’s a pretty remarkable story, and Will goes thru all of the gory details he’s had to endure over the last few years in pushing forward with the case. Next week, Will submits the final brief in his case to a tribunal of judges that will decide on whether or not the case can get a proper trial.


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Becoming The Sun

We’re back! And I do mean “we” as Jen is actually here this week. My trusty Yamaha headphones finally bit the dust, and my replacement headphones aren’t cutting it. This lead to much complaining. And we had the usual technical issues before the show which also made for more complaining. Jen gave an update on her medical situation. Turns out she doesn’t have arthritis, and that what’s been plaguing her ailing joints is something else altogether. I gave an update on my work situation. We spent a little time out on the desert island. Then, we finished off the show with a news item about an a candy shop owner and his sex toy of anger.

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New Year

hn0027 artworkWe’re snuggin’ it on this, the latest episode of Hyper Nonsense! We recount what we did during Christmas and how we got an Apple TV and Jen got a “new” computer. We cover our trip to Santa Barbara for our bankruptcy hearing. We talk about what we did on New Year’s Eve and we finish up the show by responding to some listener feedback.

Not a courthouse:

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