hn0045 artworkWe’re back! And we hate everything. Well, not really. Mostly just our theme song, our studio and the problems caused by our audio equip. During this show, we gave an update on Jen’s broken (but now fixed) iMac. We talked about our experience at this year’s California Mid State Fair, including a concert by the world’s tiniest Kiss tribute band. We had a bit of a podcasting midlife crisis and then we finished out the show with a news item about David Letterman and Donald Trump.


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Space Train

hn0002 artworkWe’ve done it! Yes, it’s true. We’ve successfully doubled the number of episodes we’ve produced so far. In honor of this milestone, we’ve decided to end the show. Just kidding! How could we quit now? We’ve got listeners leaving us comments, tweets, even calling us at home in the middle of the night! We’ve got new audio gear and we’re happy to tell you about it, even if we do have “more money than sense” in buying all of this stuff. We also discovered that the Australian prime minister has apparently been listening to our pods for years. Star Wars references! We got those, too. And daring helicopter-based escapes from Canadian prisons.

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