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It’s Hyper Nonsense! Your home for butterfly orgies, productivity explosions, and more!

This episode we talk about a recent trip to the monarch butterfly grove in Pismo Beach. Shawn has a theory on beach-going, and how often people actually go to the beach.

Shawn’s using OmniFocus and is now going to get EVERYTHING done.

Jen has a fun game that puts phone numbers and fake HuffPost article titles together.

We’re doing the RPM Challenge! Subscribe to the Hyper Nonsense bonus feed to get the sounds we record during the challenge.

We finish out the show with the story of a wine-drinking rabble-rouser in a WalMart electric scooter. Also: Pringles!

Death By Gull

hn0003 artworkSome somber news to report, including a diagnosis of pterodacylism (with random outbursts of pterodactyl speak). We recap our experience at the Classic Car Show in Pismo Beach, CA. That lead to a lengthy discussion about the humanities (?) and the declining nature of car culture in America. We speculate on why some people who ride buses are some combination of anxious/depressed/sad. ¬†We talk about how gullwing car doors are cool but deadly. We review a sorta nautical-themed eatery. We went over the feedback we’ve received since the last show. We read an article about “bedtime procrastination.” And more!

Bulleted points in a list:

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