Dolores Remnants

hn0044 artworkActual weather. We got it. Or at least, we had it ’cause it’s humid in the studio today! During this episode, we talked about my attempt to chase the remnants of Hurricane Dolores as the storm blew thru the central coast. We talked about my recent birthday celebration as well as our recent anniversary “celebration.” Then we covered Jen’s broken iMac and how we’re trying to use social media to get Apple to fix it. We responded to some listener feedback and then we finished up the show with a news article about electricity-generating water pipes.


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Your Body Is Trying To Save You

hn0001 artworkWelcome to our very first podcast ever! That we’ve ever recorded…? Maybe not. In this episode, we recount our history in podcasting going back to January/2005. We talk about the state of our work situation and how we’re going thru the process of starting our own business. We encounter a small technical glitch with the recording (sorry!) and then we finish off with a fun news item about drunks burning down a pizza parlor.

Highlights include:

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