Pokemon SLO

It’s been way too long since our last episode but we’re back! During this show, we talked about my 40th birthday and why I think I’d be a difficult to person to live with. We talked about our wedding anniversary and the exciting stuff we did, including seeing the new Ghostbusters movie and using a coupon to have dinner at a local cafe. We played a listener voicemail message. Then, we finished out the show with an article about things turning 35 years old in 2016. Pac-Man Fever. Catch it!


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35 Things Turning 35 in 2016

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The Ol’ HN

We thought about doing today’s show with a live audio stream. But that didn’t happen because all of the available streaming options kinda suck. Oh, well. Maybe next time. During the show, we gave an update on the whole Podcasts.com thing. Also, we talked about the game Ingress. Then, I gave my idea about how all bus stops should be turned into full-service cafes with free wi-fi. We went over some listener feedback (including a voicemail!). Next, we read a pair of local news items about a crazy guy who claimed that the Virgin Mary told him to eat his own feces (in court). Then, we wrapped things up with Jen telling us about her adventures in dishwashing.

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