Apple Cast 2015

Venerable #TeamHN member Nathan is back on the podcast for another one of our semi-biannualwhenvertheyhappen podcasts about Apple stuff. In this episode, we talk about the new Apple TV, the iPad Pro and more!


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You Will Get Toast

Hyper Nonsense 0019 artworkWe’re asking the hard-hitting questions on this episode. Like: How is salted caramel a “fall thing?” We’ve got a neighbor who’s tearing down a home and replacing it. That process has put a lot of dust and dirt in the air and it’s making us sick. The weirdness with the fraud on our bank account continues and it’s having an affect on the legal situation we’re going thru. I’ve received an update on the status of my unemployment insurance (hint: it’s not good). We’ve finally¬†joined most of the rest of the podosphere by discussing what we’ve watched on TV. In related news: TV antenna manuals suck. We read a news article about an attorney who likes to photoshop herself into images with celebrities. And more!

Salt harvest:

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