Shredder Class

hn0043 artworkWe’re back! And our sound quality might be a little off because one of our microphone mounts broke. But we’re makin’ pods, anyway! During the show, we talked about Independence Day vs. Canadia Day. We talked about the different paper shredder classifications (Hello Kitty, wombat class, scimitar class) and why our home looked like it was being inhabited by paper hoarders. We also covered the recent Supreme Court cases that made historic decisions about health care and marriage equality.


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You Will Get Toast

Hyper Nonsense 0019 artworkWe’re asking the hard-hitting questions on this episode. Like: How is salted caramel a “fall thing?” We’ve got a neighbor who’s tearing down a home and replacing it. That process has put a lot of dust and dirt in the air and it’s making us sick. The weirdness with the fraud on our bank account continues and it’s having an affect on the legal situation we’re going thru. I’ve received an update on the status of my unemployment insurance (hint: it’s not good). We’ve finally¬†joined most of the rest of the podosphere by discussing what we’ve watched on TV. In related news: TV antenna manuals suck. We read a news article about an attorney who likes to photoshop herself into images with celebrities. And more!

Salt harvest:

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Space Train

hn0002 artworkWe’ve done it! Yes, it’s true. We’ve successfully doubled the number of episodes we’ve produced so far. In honor of this milestone, we’ve decided to end the show. Just kidding! How could we quit now? We’ve got listeners leaving us comments, tweets, even calling us at home in the middle of the night! We’ve got new audio gear and we’re happy to tell you about it, even if we do have “more money than sense” in buying all of this stuff. We also discovered that the Australian prime minister has apparently been listening to our pods for years. Star Wars references! We got those, too. And daring helicopter-based escapes from Canadian prisons.

More details:

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