Apple Cast 2015

Venerable #TeamHN member Nathan is back on the podcast for another one of our semi-biannualwhenvertheyhappen podcasts about Apple stuff. In this episode, we talk about the new Apple TV, the iPad Pro and more!


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iPhone Valet

hn0015 artworkWe’re as live as we wanna be on our latest pod! Find out what our loud neighbors are now doing loudly. We have an update on Jen’s claim for disability benefits.  We’re going thru some legal things right now that we’re not talking about. Hear about Jen’s most recent adventures in Sleepy Boos Land. Some lucky person went on a fancy clothes and fine fragrances shopping spree with our debit card. Hear my review of the iPhone 6 Plus. We read some listener feedback (including iTunes reviews!). We covered a news article about how Joan Rivers is endorsing the new iPhone from the other side. And more!

iPhone (((((((Six Plus!)))))):

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iWon’t Pay

hn0014 artworkJust in time for this week to not be over, it’s our latest podisode! We recount our (mostly uneventful) memories of  the September 11th attacks, including the fact that we moved in together that week. We give our thoughts on the big Apple shindig (and its seriously buggy live stream) that went down earlier this week. (iPhone 6? Apple Watch? Meh…) Hear about our exciting adventure in troubleshooting a leaky faucet! And then… scanning and shredding 21 months worth of documents! We also went over some listener feedback and talk about how a disappointed billionaire won’t be able to carve California into six individual states. And more!

A 10,000-word treatise:

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