Apple Cast 2015

Venerable #TeamHN member Nathan is back on the podcast for another one of our semi-biannualwhenvertheyhappen podcasts about Apple stuff. In this episode, we talk about the new Apple TV, the iPad Pro and more!


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Specialized Heads

hn0005 artworkMan, we’re getting old. Don’t believe us? Just listen to this pod! We spent a lot of time talking about toothbrushes and shopping coupons. Still don’t believe us? We also talked about new bedroom curtains! Some of this old-person talk is relative to the new business we’re launching, but some of it’s just because we’re old. Last week was Independence Day here in ‘Merica. We’ve got some explosive news related to that, as well as an analysis of the country’s favorite 4th of July jams. Also, we read some iTunes reviews and go over a little bit of other listener feedback.¬†And MmmPasta Syndrome.

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