Stump the Specialist

We’re 5K-ing it! In this episode, we talked about my new computer, then we got an update on Jen’s health situation. We’re running an exciting campaign to get all of our listeners to #UnsubIn16! We decided to talk about the presidential election and all of the insanity surrounding it. We read some listener feedback and launched a new segment called Twitter Callouts! Then, we finished the show with an article about which American state has the most virgins.


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4 thoughts on “Stump the Specialist

  1. If you have sciatica, consider physical therapy. If you didn’t get much benefit the last time you went or if they didn’t give you much instruction on what to do after your physical therapy along with a home exercise plan, ask for a different clinic. We have near 100% results with sciatica, so it should definitely be something that PT will help. A good program that you follow should keep you from having to go back.

    • I wish it were more economically practical for me to just come to your place, David. Regardless, I will have an update on this on the next show. But, I got another referral to physical therapy AND a back x-ray (finally). We’ll see where this goes.

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