Sort of Normal

It’s been over a month. But we’re back! And by “we” I mean me AND Jen! During this show, Jen gave an update on all of her weird health issues. We told a story about a guy who showed up at our door at 1AM looking for a place to stash his guns. We talked about a food documentary we watched and gave our thoughts on that. We got caught up on listener feedback. Then, we got reverse-trolled by an article I thought was actual news.


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2 thoughts on “Sort of Normal

  1. Hi guys.
    Being in the Biz. That makes you professional. Good for you. There’s a bit of a stigma about professional podcasting here in the uk. As you know. I’ve been doing this for a while (almost 11 years). I still consider myself an amateur. I don’t make money from my show, nor. Do I want to. However being an amateur here means “less than” or even a “joke”. I do this for the love. You? Keep up the great topics. Guns Should be banned. Peace out.

    • Before I was into podcasting, I was a musician. I wanted to make that into my “career” tho it never really worked out. I guess in a way, I took the same approach to podcasting. But just like music, I’ve always approached it from the standpoint of “I’ll do what I want to do” and let it go from there. I’ve certainly never gone after it with a “business plan” in mind.

      And as far as professional/amateur status, I kinda say whatever to that. Overall, I tend to relate to the “amateurs” more because I know they’re doing this for the love first. And really, I can’t see any other reason to even start a podcast. Yeah, some people will make money. But most won’t.

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