Secondhand Claims

We’re back in the studio! And for some reason, I sound like I’ve been smoking Marlboro Reds all day. It’s not a super high-energy show. I relate the exciting story of my trip to a local┬áRV park by the ocean. We provided an update on the weird fraudulent activity on our bank account. 2014 continues to be an “interesting” year as I got some unexpected (and unwelcome) news about my claim for unemployment benefits. We got a nice shoutout from some fellow podcasters and we read a little bit of listener feedback. Jen gave an update on her disability claim and we finished the show with a scary news item about spiders.

Cough lollies:

  • I’ve been smited by The Pope with my strange smoky voice.
  • Thankfully 20 years ago, we didn’t rename our band Holy Roman Empire.
  • We have the ocean in California. If you don’t have the ocean where you live, it’s your own fault.
  • It doesn’t rain anymore in California.
  • Cough lollies. We call ’em cough drops in America.
  • I don’t know where mentho-lyptus comes from.
  • Going to the bank gets thing done faster than calling them.
  • Did you hear Jen’s 1920’s keyboard while her microphone was muted?
  • EDD doesn’t like it if you’re working freelance.
  • Don’t go to our support page and send us money right now. Seriously.
  • We got a nice shoutout from the Nerd Out Loud podcast.
  • Spiders oozing from the walls.
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0 thoughts on “Secondhand Claims

  1. I have to say that brown recluse spiders bleeding out of my walls would be a nightmare. I think that would be a legit reason to burn your house to the ground. That would be a service to the neighbors. My question is how are brown recluse spiders not a problem at nearby homes with so many at this one home? Are they just home body spiders that don’t like a to go out?

    • Good questions. I was actually thinking about this yesterday and wondering how it was that this many spiders were missed in the home inspection the new owners would have done. I mean, how could somebody miss hundreds of thousands of spiders if they were presumably there before the new owners moved in? It all gives more legitimacy to my claim that the house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

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