Pod Rusty

hn0034 artworkHyper Nonsense is back with an all new edition! It seems like it’s been awhile since our last episode but it hasn’t really been that long, right? During this show, we discussed how pollen is trying to kill Jen and what she’s done to protect herself. I tell the story of how an impatient driver yelled an odd “insult” at me. Also, more home improvement news in the form of a dead bolt replacement. We got new iPhones which somehow led Jen to go on a┬árant about picketers outside the local Planned Parenthood. We went over some listener feedback and finished the show with a news article about a different kind of music lawsuit.


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0 thoughts on “Pod Rusty

  1. Jen became nocturnal(vampire), ghosts are blowing open doors and hell has potentially frozen over (Jen has an iPhone). This sounds like a supernatural themed show. I’ll keep listening though. At least as long as Jen doesn’t sparkle.

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