Death By Gull

hn0003 artworkSome somber news to report, including a diagnosis of pterodacylism (with random outbursts of pterodactyl speak). We recap our experience at the Classic Car Show in Pismo Beach, CA. That lead to a lengthy discussion about the humanities (?) and the declining nature of car culture in America. We speculate on why some people who ride buses are some combination of anxious/depressed/sad.  We talk about how gullwing car doors are cool but deadly. We review a sorta nautical-themed eatery. We went over the feedback we’ve received since the last show. We read an article about “bedtime procrastination.” And more!

Bulleted points in a list:

  • Pterodactylism. I’ve got it.
  • California = America, perfected.
  • We tried recording this show a couple times already.
  • There’s no target day of the week for new shows, but it might be Thursday (America time).
  • All we care about is maps.
  • We went to the Pismo Beach car show.
  • We rode the bus. And a trolley (bus).
  • Some people who ride buses are depressed.
  • There’s no innovation left in cars other than making smaller/more efficient.
  • Generation Y is broke and they don’t care about houses or cars.
  • I didn’t have no fancy learnin’s.
  • Gullwing doors: an obsession that could be deadly.
  • Our car is 20 years old. We may only ever buy one more car.
  • What is the proper placement of a flux capacitor?
  • We at ate Chipwrecked. It was good.
  • Overall mouse-click report: No one can hear it.
  • We have a new voicemail line.
  • Our announcer is an Australian cow called Moogyver.
  • I was wrong about my first domain name.
  • My assumptions about Apple screwing up TextEdit have been verified.
  • The show isn’t really listed in New & Noteworthy. Help out by leaving a review.
  • Bedtime procrastination.” It’s a thing.
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6 thoughts on “Death By Gull

  1. Jen, the term you were looking for as far as the two tracks high school had back when we went was vocational and of course the one you mentioned which was college academic based. I remember the vocational building had auto shop, wood shop, typing (when I went (’90-’94) they were just transferring from electric typewriters to computer word processing for typing class; we used both).

    • I actually went to a vocational center that was outside of my high school. I bussed there/back every school day. And it looks like we went to high school at the same time, Nathan. I’m also a ’94 graduate.

  2. Dear Hyper Headroom:

    Your little podcast does not just have room to grow audience-wise, but volume-wise as well!

    A few more dee-bees, please! Just squash those peaks first, and you’ll find plenty of room for amplification!

    Otherwise, the show is excellent as m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶l̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ always. Follow my advice and your listeners will be happy little boys and gulls!

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