Panda Bowl Paradox

It’s time for another exciting edition of Hyper Nonsense! On this episode, we told the story of how we replaced a rusty old medicine cabinet. I recalled how I’ve mastered the art of using Panda Express coupons (and how a defective Panda Express fork almost killed me). I’m still wondering about an odd experience I had that includes a van, a bus shelter and a (potentially?) homeless person. We talk about how an upstart organization flew a snarky banner over Comcast headquarters after the recent net neutrality ruling. And more!


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0 thoughts on “Panda Bowl Paradox

  1. I think you should hold onto your Google+ account. I admit that I don’t use mine the way I should but, I think the people on it are much more hardcore about making that social network work. If you ever need a social network that’s the perfect example of hard work building up a loyal following, it’s Google+.

    Also, I’ll say that the whenever I see someone online in the business of “marketing” themselves and they don’t take advantage of services like that, I wonder just how hard they’re working to put themselves out there. I say stay on there and make it work until Google hits the delete Google+ button.

    • I’ll keep my personal Google+ account but if the community page we set up for the podcast doesn’t get a little more traction, it seems kinda pointless to leave it up.

  2. It might be interesting to get some hate listeners. You could try having Jen troll some conservative blogs and mention the podcast. Some mention of how awesome Obamacare is and how it powers your podcast or something. I don’t know, but I think that should work.

    On another note, thanks for making me have to go check out my abandoned Google+. Of course, if the choice is between that and the Facebook, I’ll take the G+.

    • Has there ever been a social network that didn’t suck? I deleted my Ello account, so I guess that ain’t it.

      And we do get the occasional hate comment on some of Jen’s blogs over at No Market. Maybe I should include a link to the podcast in her author bio.

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