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hn0008 artworkWe’ve still got “leftover” stories from our Las Vegas trip, including mean people on airplanes. Flight attendants with special airplane-healing powers and crazy coffee-drink customers. We received an odd solicitation in the mail from the ‘California Compliance Center?” Pretty sure that’s not legit. We’ll be eating well in August thanks to a gift card we got last year but didn’t redeem until now. Tho, it was unclear at first if the gift card was still valid. Jen read a post from the site Bubblews that was hilarious, but it probably wasn’t meant to be. And more!

Make me got the famous:

  • It’s humid here but we’re still having a drought in California.
  • We’d love your iTunes reviews! You can do that thru the iOS Podcasts app or desktop iTunes.
  • A guy on our flight to Las Vegas was a bit of a jerk.
  • All airplanes need licensed and approved qi-checkers.
  • Some people have l33t skillz when it comes to ordering Starbucks drinks.
  • Some Starbucks stores are corporate, some are licensed.
  • Check out our support page if you’d like to donate money or send us things in the mail!
  • Upon checking our post office box, I found a solicitation for a “California Certificate of Status.” Turns out it’s a scam.
  • New segment? “Jen’s Corner Of Justice!”
  • Erk gave us a gift card last year for Omaha Steaks. We finally redeemed it this week.
  • We read some listener feedback.
  • I demonstrated our noise gate as well as our other audio processor.
  • Jen has been writing for Bubblews. She found a post over there that’s funny but the author probably didn’t intend it to be.
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  1. We also received that bogus letter from Sacramento trying to sell you some Certificate of Status or whatever shortly after we started our corporation for our physical therapy clinic in February. So, since that scam business is in the same city as the state government and they’ve been operating there for at least a few months, I don’t feel like the government is really on top of that issue. They could always send someone over to shut them down.

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