Kittehs 4ever

hn0037 artworkWe’re back in the studio for a “normal” episode of Hyper Nonsense. Jen’s even here, too! On this show we talked about a sketchy “new” podcasting website and why Jen is on a mission to take it down. We talked about a weird experience we had in which another podcast played a clip from one of our episodes. We sang a special song about cats. We talked about a surprise Neil Young concert we got to attend. Then, we read over some listener feedback and we finished the show with a news item about a drug-buying robotic art installation.


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4 thoughts on “Kittehs 4ever

    • Good move, Rowlz! I know a few other people who’ve requested to have shows removed have received confirmation that the shows were taken down. So at least some of the requests are being honored.

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