Harassment Eagle

hn0011 artworkMeh. It’s a low-energy kinda day. But we gotta make some pods. You’re welcome and we’re sorry. We’ve got an update on the errant tuna can that magically rolled behind our stove. We recount the story of when we rescued and released a wild bat. We played a sound clip from a recent episode that proves we’re time travelers. Or that the concept of decades really confuses us. Hear the exciting story of our new blender! Our listeners attempted to rescue us from the desert island we’ve been trapped on by sending in some hilarious feedback. We cover a story about a local woman who tried to get friendly with a giraffe and more!

It ain’t gonna work today:

  • Gas mains. We got ’em. And ours isn’t a standard one.
  • Don’t use a claw tool to grab a live bat.
  • Precautions. You don’t always need them.
  • During a past episode, we seriously confused 1995 with 2005 and 1996 with 2006.
  • I’m not a blender expert (blendxpert) but if you wanna make a smoothie, try the “icy drinks” button.
  • We read some listener feedback from Matt, Ken and Ben. Nathan contacted his local library to see if they know anything about Pepe Goes North. Also, this Electric Man and Undervolt cartoon: Electric Man and Undervolt!
  • WordPress spam filters are either really good or not good at all.
  • Hear us as part of Erk Pod episodes 500 and 501.
  • Leave us an iTunes review?
  • A woman was cited for zoo animal harassment because she wanted to hug a giraffe. The giraffe had other ideas.
  • Some crazy lady in Alaska thinks eagles are friends with her cats. Also, a fox.
  • Warrior Deck. My new metal band name.
  • Jen’s Women in Podcasting interview series is taking off. She’s recently published the first audio interview in the series.
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0 thoughts on “Harassment Eagle

  1. What the heck does “meh” mean, anyway? I suspect it’s some sort of geek jargon. I know I could look it up, but I’d rather have you web-slangers explain it.

    P.S. The show is always better when you mention my name!

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