Getting Tingly With Matt Sams

hn0012 artworkWe’ve got an exciting episode for you! Not only are we Starbuckin’ it, but we have our first-ever guest for this iteration of our ongoing pod project. It’s Matt Sams, also known as Somnistatic. Matt has undertaken an ambitious song-a-day project for the year 2014. He’s recording a new song every day and releasing it online. As of this recording, Matt is on song number 239. He’s just about 75% of the way there and he hasn’t missed one day! During the interview, we discuss Matt’s songwriting inspiration/process. We talk about marketing and “making it” as a creative person in the Internet age. We meander thru a couple fun digressions and we play a couple of Matt’s songs.

More notes:

  • Jen and I tried the RPM Challenge. We failed.
  • Matt came into the project with some songs already written, but most of the songs have been written on the day they were recorded.
  • Jen and I have done NaPodPoMo. Everyone who does that is excited at the beginning, and by day 10, they’re ready to quit.
  • Want to write a song? Just pick a key and go!
  • Matt’s lead-guitar secret: Jimi Hendrix mashed up with Slash.
  • “German Dance Robots”
  • Walking pneumonia and ear infections aren’t good for recording vocals.
  • “Ashes On The Broken Threshold”
  • Sampling. It ain’t songwriting, despite what Bob Lefsetz thinks.
  • Matt wrote a song about the Chicago Cubs. I thought he was a White Sox fan.
  • Melody Fusion article about Matt’s project.
  • 1,000 true fans = bullshit. Do what you do and keep doing it.
  • If you need a gimmick to get ahead, you’re in the wrong business.
  • Diablo III – you only pay once. World Of Warcraft has a subscription.
  • Playing games thru an emulator. It’s extra legal, not illegal.
  • Internet marketing. it’s just like Kindergarten Cop.
  • Write more about the dildos!
  • Be awesomerish. Donate to Matt’s project.
  • Jen does a mean Sarah Palin impersonation.
  • Matt is a sponge. Especially when it comes to Spice Girls lyrics.
  • We played Matt’s song “We Are Loved.”
  • Matt needs a┬ápress kit.
  • Songs in F#. Not the best for guitar solos.
  • Possible future project: 365 soundbites.
  • I played guitar on Matt’s song “The Wind.”
  • Follow Matt here: @somnistatic, Matt’s Bandcamp account, Matt’s WordPress blog.
  • Hypernonsensism: It’s a religion.
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0 thoughts on “Getting Tingly With Matt Sams

  1. I just remembered… several people said I’d only last two weeks… suck it people that said I’d only last two weeks!!! NOTHING BUT THE GRIM REAPER WILL STOP ME!!! MWAH HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!!

    But it’s cool… I do what I do and shit yo.

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  3. You mentioned Patreon at one point in the podcast. I support two Patreon projects, both podcasts that I love that I don’t mind supporting. One I pay $5/month the other I pay $2/episode.

    • I’m a little confused by Patreon. What makes it better than a PayPal subscription? They take 9% off the top before they pay the creator. That seems a bit higher than even PayPal. Why not setup a PayPal subscription instead?

      • I hadn’t even looked into Patreon’s fees. I think it’s prettier than a simple PayPal subscription and because it’s sorta crowd fund-y, it feels more familiar to people, thus increasing engagement. But that’s just a guess on my part.

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