hn0004 artworkHyper Nonsense! We are the pod that comes to you straight from the heart of California. San Luis Obispo (Sanluiton) to be exact. On this exciting episode, we talk about how The Man is sticking it to us for starting our own business. I had a cool “customer service” experience on behalf of a local musician. We talked about “binge-watching” of TV shows and why we don’t do it. We honored the mystical land of Canadia with a special performance of O, Canadia. We wonder how it’d be possible for Hyper Nonsense to become the first podcast on Mars. Ceiling-breaking cupcake-eating bears, we got ’em. The most annoying phrases that we’re all overusing? We got those, too.


  • Cornbread: Ain’t nothing wrong with that.
  • We’ve recorded four episodes in four weeks. Congratulate us!
  • I don’t consider myself unemployed. I consider myself pre-retired.
  • I have a Starbucks gold card but no retirement fund. Priorities!
  • We now have an officially filed LLC and an $800 bill from the state of California.
  • I want to create my own tax-free buffer zone to live in.
  • If you declare yourself as someone’s son via Twitter, is it a binding contract?
  • Hyper Nonsense: Fast-forwardable since 2006.
  • I bought the new album by Jody Mulgrew and then explained how it was delivered.
  • Nathaniel Lott sent in a magnatiel drawing based on something that was said in a previous episode.
  • In honor of Canadia Day, I sang the Canadian National Anthem.
  • Hyper Nonsense: First pod on Mars?
  • We read some listener feedback and played our first voicemail.
  • We’re watching “Orange Is The New Black” but not in a bingey way.
  • DVD sets of TV series >> VHS sets of TV series.
  • Matt is unbeatable at Words With Friends. (AKA: I’m North Korea.)
  • Jen found a story about a bear that fell thru a skylight and ate cupcakes before it was killed.
  • We finished the show with a list of six commonly used phrases that are annoying.
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0 thoughts on “Pre-Retired

  1. I think Shawn was on the right track when he said that where guilt and pleasure may go hand in hand is breaking into an orphanage and stealing snacks. I don’t think you even need to break in somewhere. Food by itself, and in particular sweets like chocolate, could make you feel guilty for eating too much and pleasure because it tastes so good.

    I’m enjoying Orange is the New Black also, but like you only watch a couple episodes at a time.

  2. I have not started watching Orange is the New Black. For some reason the whole premise didn’t sound interesting to me. Or at least not interesting enough for me to put it ahead of the other shows on my list.

    • It’s worth checking out if you like serial dramas. If not, then you probably won’t care for it. I’ll admit, I think the second season is getting a little carried away with some of the plot twists but I’m still enjoying it.

  3. I find it interesting how it dips its feet into the original source material (the book) some times, but mostly creates its own universe. The whole opening of season 2 and going to Chicago was from the book, but in the book that is where Piper sees her girlfriend that got her into this mess for the first time.

    • As we get further into the show, I wonder which points are based on the book and which have been changed/embellished. It’s obvious that, with everything having so much detail/depth in the show in terms of characters’ backstories, that not everything in the show could’ve been taken from the book. Regardless, I wonder how many people watch the show thinking that everything is based 100% on real events?

  4. Very very little comes from the book. Every once in a while they will allude to something from the book like career day, going to Chicago to testify against the drug smuggler, rooming with Red who is called something else in the book but is still a Russian lady, etc

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