Your Body Is Trying To Save You

hn0001 artworkWelcome to our very first podcast ever! That we’ve ever recorded…? Maybe not. In this episode, we recount our history in podcasting going back to January/2005. We talk about the state of our work situation and how we’re going thru the process of starting our own business. We encounter a small technical glitch with the recording (sorry!) and then we finish off with a fun news item about drunks burning down a pizza parlor.

Highlights include:

  • New (to us) microphones, we got ’em.
  • I explain the definition of “podcasting 1.0.”
  • Jen was somewhat apprehensive of being on the microphone. Back in 2005.
  • I had the idea of posting “recorded radio shows” back in 2004.
  • We found the name of our show thru LiveJournal. (“Hyper Nonsense World Tabasco Shower”)
  • We’ve podfaded a thousand shows. Not really.
  • YouTube hasn’t made us rich and/or famous.
  • We’re not Business People!
  • We have another website called Book of Jen.
  • A history of horns: Both the Importance and Fail kinds.
  • I worked briefly for Automattic last year.
  • We were super lucky to attend the Diablo III: Reaper of Souls launch party earlier this year.
  • We’ve got an effects rack with effects in it!
  • We read a news article about how drunks tried to burn down a pizza shop inĀ Oregon.
  • The article lead us to talking about local eateries that cater to late-night drunks.
  • (I couldn’t get thru the show without making a cheap Canadia joke.)
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0 thoughts on “Your Body Is Trying To Save You

  1. Damn, this is almost like Star Wars where episode I came after episode VI and episode IV was first and now they’re shooting episode VII and nobody knows why but it’s still cool.

    • I think you’re right about that, Matt. I totally forgot. Did we ever do anything with that domain beyond just forward it to another site? I don’t think I ever paid for web hosting until I bought but I could be wrong.

  2. Glad to find out that the show is back. I mean, I’m glad to hear that you guys decided to jump on the podcasting bandwagon with your first show! Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to start my own, too!

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