It’s hot! So hot we had to abandon our usual recording studio for the (almost) comfortable confines of another room that had some leftover A-C in the air. It’s been an interesting (i.e. frustrating) week for us in terms of technology. But the good news is that Jen has room again on her MacBook Air hard drive! Apple dropped an iOS update and broke everything. The weirdness with fraudulent activity on our bank account continues. This time in the form of an unexpected credit. Also, Bluetooth pairing has become the most complicated thing computers do now. We read an iTunes review and then that was pretty much it.

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0 thoughts on “Heatwave

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  2. Sorry that this fraud thing is such a pain. Who needs this extra aggravation? Someone needs to find a way to properly lock things down to eliminate the security flaws inherent in all credit card transactions the lead to these types of issues.

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