Having an Already Together

We’re sick, allergic, broken, in mental, emotional and physical pain… And we’re back for another exciting episode! We talked about our recent health problems, including allergic reactions, bad backs and more! We covered our Thanksgiving “already together.” We went over a little bit of listener feedback and (finally) picked a winner in our theme song contest. Then, we finished out the show with a little bit of Star Wars-related news.


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3 thoughts on “Having an Already Together

  1. Shawn, if you’re having more frequent back problems, you need to get your back checked out and probably get some physical therapy before things get worse. Medi-Cal covers physical therapy and we handle patients with Sciatica a lot. At our place, we give a lot of education and exercises and we get great results. We’re pretty far, but there must be some place close by you in SLO. If so, I’d do that, if you can. No need for you to be in worse and worse pain.

    • Thanks, David. I have been to a physical therapist here in SLO and he gave me some back stretches to do at home. I did get a bit slack on doing them after we went thru the big studio move. But I’ve started again this week. Hoping this’ll help to prevent future issues.

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