Jen’s not here this week. But don’t fret as we’ve got a special guest who was upgraded to guest cohost. It’s Colin from the Ourobouros Podcast! In this episode, we talked about Colin’s review and analysis of 50 Shades of Grey. Then, we put the video for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” thru the Bechdel Test. We also discussed the current Marvel movie franchise and we finished out the show with some relaxing vibes courtesy of the Daleks.


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5 thoughts on “Ourobosense

  1. This is starting to get suspicious. Jen became a vampire on the last show…now she’s missing. Something doesn’t seem right.

    As a comic book reader, I’ll weigh in on the Marvel vs DC debate. Marvel is more about real people with real problems, but with super powers thrown in. DC used to lean more towards idealized characters like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. So, they’re harder to relate to. They also make for less interesting characters and less interesting stories if you enjoy character development.

    If you just like action, DC is fine. Out of the DC holy trinity, Batman is the least perfect, so in my opinion is the most interesting. He’s also the least super powered (except for his resources), so he has that making him easier to identify with.

    So, make mine Marvel! Excelsior!

    – I have no bias as you can see. 😉

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