Not-Best Of

HN classic logoIt’s a very special episode of Hyper Nonsense! We’re currently at Blizzcon 2014 but the pods keep rollin’. We’ve got a compilation show for you, made of clips from the original version of Hyper Nonsense. We talk about how good customer service is like sex. I share some stories about meeting crazy people in public and how abandoned clothing items are probably portkeys. Then, we revisit a news story about a radio DJ who quit her job in a colorful way, while she was on the air.


  • We’ll have this down to a science by episode 250.
  • Hyper Nonsense: It’s a verbal bullet train that’s probably gonna end up in a wreck.
  • This lab ain’t no lemonade stand.
  • Listening to an iPod: It’s a statement to the world that says, “Please don’t talk to me.”
  • There’s a secret shoe-exchange society that leaves pairs of shoes in specific places.
  • Whatever happened to Inetta the Moodsetta?
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  • Thanks to Matt Sams for providing us with some cool music beds.
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