hn0006 artworkWe’re not live but we’re also not dead. We’re un-live and we’re preparing for an exciting trip to Las Vegas! But we decided to make a pod before we leave. Tech problems, we got ’em (again). Apple’s conspiracy against us continues! We have now soundproofed our closet so we can use it as a vocal booth. We recently celebrated my birthday, which included a nice dinner and airplanes. We responded to some listener comments. Jen wants to see shipping containers and pretty lights in Vegas. I want to go to the mob museum. Nobody wants to see Carrot Top or Criss Angel: Mindfreak.


  • New segment idea: What’s wrong with Jen today.
  • I’m obsessed with the audio levels now, thanks to a comment we received.
  • We hung some Audimute blankets in our closet to make a soundproof booth:.
  • I’m worried that the vocal booth may be too warm inside but Jen’s always cold so it might be OK.
  • Apple has broken Apple Mail again. Also, Apple SuperDrives suck.
  • Our internet connection is slow and computers can be bandwidth hogs.
  • According to Nathan, it is possible to leave an iTunes review thru the iOS Podcasts app.
  • We’ve finished watching “Orange Is The New Black” season two. Nathan pointed out that most of what’s in the TV show didn’t come from the book.
  • A comment we received lead to another discussion on cars and potential cars we might own in the future.
  • Jen made this amazing piece of art as a birthday gift for me: Birthday art
  • I got a lot of birthday greetings online and Tiggr sent me a Starbucks card.
  • We had a nice birthday dinner at the Spirit of San Luis Restaurant.
  • We played Diablo III using characters that hadn’t played together before.  Hear more Diablo talk on Shattered Soulstone.
  • You can donate to the show a few different ways, now including Bitcoin!
  • list Jen made on the No Market site was picked up by ThinkProgress.
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0 thoughts on “Un-Live

  1. I’ve found myself with audio equipment that never got used, so I know where you might be headed with your Audimute blankets. I have a noise gate sitting in a box that I kept getting worse sound with whenever I turned it on. So, maybe 200ish podcasts without a gate. Suddenly, I have this urge to dig it out and figure it out. I’m going to have to fight that down until I have a little less work though.

    • I know what to do with a noise gate! We’ve actually got them now and I think they’re helping with the sound. I’ll do a quick A/B on the next show. You can tell the difference.

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