Covetous Jen

hn0023 artworkWe’re going caffeine-free! Well, one of us is. And it’s making life… interesting. We cover our trip to BlizzCon 2014, where we attended the World of Podcasts event, met lots of cool people, attended Diablo panels and more. Jen even got to be part of the Tristram’s Got Talent contest, where she got to show off her voice-acting chops for some of the voice actors from the Diablo III video game. We’ve also got an update on the bank-fraud shenanigans that have been ongoing for the last couple months.


  • Whatever happened to RC cola?
  • A smoothie isn’t the same thing as a milkshake.
  • Chocolate fudge brownie yogurt is apparently a thing.
  • Jen can call upon the Irish Look of Terror in order to intimidate/persuade others.
  • I get bad headaches but I’m not entirely sure they’re migraines.
  • We’re on opposite ends of the metabolic spectrum.
  • Lawyers and business people like to work on trains (and talk about it).
  • Serrota Tauren’s Flickr photos of cosplayers and more.
  • We attended World of Podcasts 2014. It was awesome.
  • Jen’s performance during the Tristram’s Got Talent contest:
  • Metallica = good. Smoke = bad.
  • We ran into Rilandune from HoTSCast a lot.Jen’s performance during the Tristram’s Got Talent contest:
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0 thoughts on “Covetous Jen

  1. RC Cola. That was my favorite soda back at the pizza place I went to as a kid. They had that in the fountain and I loved it. Nowadays, I rarely drink soda, but if I was at a pizza place and they had it, I would be obligated by tradition to have some.

    • Oh, man. Fountain RC. That’s a rare find. I’m sure I saw it a few times back in Illinois. I need to be on the lookout for RC just in general here. I don’t think any local places carry it.

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