We’re back with an exciting new podcast! In this episode, we talk about the high-tech headphone cable clip Jen made with a pipe cleaner. Then, Jen tells the story of how she pitched an article to popular website xoJane (which was accepted). We’ve got a shiny new Internet connection but we aren’t entirely sure just how fast it is. But the big news in this episode is we finally talk about the legal matter we’ve been mentioning for months. Yes, we’re filing for bankruptcy and we give the long and sorted history of our financial woes since moving to California. In an attempt to finish things off with some humor, we talk about how Cards Against Humanity sold actual bullshit on Black Friday.


  • Jen’s article that was published by xoJane.
  • What happened to the bees?
  • Who can you trust when it comes to Internet speed tests?
  • Being in a college town = dense populations of people.
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  • Cards Against Humanity sold actual bullshit on Black Friday.
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0 thoughts on “Bankrupt!

  1. What you both went through sounds like Murphy’s Law at work. I’m glad that you have an opportunity to try to get bankruptcy to get you back on track. I hope you exhausted Murphy’s Law, so that at least this next part can go smoothly.

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