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Lard Bars

hn0051 artworkWe’re back with an all new peppermint choo choo-tastic episode of Hyper Nonsense! During the show, w e talked about my #RainyDayProject guitar, including demonstrations of what the instrument sounds like. We had an allergy update where Jen talked about her new favorite soap. Then, I related some recent stories of weirdos I’ve run into on the bus. We went over some listener feedback and finished out the show with a news item about the most-searched for Internet terms from the 50 U.S. states.

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Having an Already Together

We’re sick, allergic, broken, in mental, emotional and physical pain… And we’re back for another exciting episode! We talked about our recent health problems, including allergic reactions, bad backs and more! We covered our Thanksgiving “already together.” We went over a little bit of listener feedback and (finally) picked a winner in our theme song contest. Then, we finished out the show with a little bit of Star Wars-related news.

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Pre-Black Friday Scary News

This audio was recorded on November 25. Two days before it’s being released. At the time, Jen wanted to see if there was already scary news building up about Black Friday. This is a roundup of what she found. This is our day 25 podcast for NaPodPoMo 2015.

Grocery cast

It’s the week of Thanksgiving here in America. That means grocery stores are packed and people are going insane. We recorded our trip today to get our Thanksgiving stuff. This is our day 22 recording for NaPodPoMo 2015.

Dish cast 2

It’s the exciting return of Dish cast! I recorded the 21st episode of NaPodPoMo 2015 using a Bluetooth headset that I normally wear when listening to podcasts on my iPhone. So, the sound quality kinda sucks.


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Jen’s Tips for Freelance Writers

Jen’s been a freelance writer since 2010. Four our 19th NaPodPoMo 2015 episode, Jen shares some tips for those who are considering going into freelance writing.

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