iWon’t Pay

hn0014 artworkJust in time for this week to not be over, it’s our latest podisode! We recount our (mostly uneventful) memories of ┬áthe September 11th attacks, including the fact that we moved in together that week. We give our thoughts on the big Apple shindig (and its seriously buggy live stream) that went down earlier this week. (iPhone 6? Apple Watch? Meh…) Hear about our exciting adventure in troubleshooting a leaky faucet! And then… scanning and shredding 21 months worth of documents! We also went over some listener feedback and talk about how a disappointed billionaire won’t be able to carve California into six individual states. And more!

A 10,000-word treatise:

  • If you got bronchitis, congratulations!
  • Chinese moon diggers are extracting huge moon chunks to bring back to Earth to make iPhones.
  • Jen wrote some blog posts about her September 11th memories here, here and here.
  • We appreciate the things Apple makes but we don’t run out and buy all of them.
  • I accidentally referred to the Flint Center as Moscone Center on Twitter. I’m sure people blocked me over this.
  • Playing Diablo III with an Apple Magic Mouse = repetitive stress injury.
  • The music during Apple’s live video stream was messed up.
  • Apple is the only company in the world that can turn an advertisement into a news cycle.
  • I don’t need to be constantly reachable by everyone all the time.
  • If you reuse plastic water jugs, the jugs will eventually leak. Guaranteed.
  • This body I have isn’t made for being low to the ground.
  • I scanned and/or shredded 21 months of documents in a couple days. Now, I’m clinically insane.
  • Thanks to Nathan and vansunder for leaving us some comments!
  • Looks like California won’t be carved into six different states.
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0 thoughts on “iWon’t Pay

  1. What you are talking about with Apple getting in your head is called the Reality Distortion Field. That said, I’m not getting the watch either even though it looks cool, but I will be getting an iPhone 6.

  2. I didn’t think there would be any use for an Apple watch either. But then you mentioned 9/11 and that got me thinking. What about firefighters, the police (not the band, cops), ambulance drivers… If they had a communication device like the Apple watch back then maybe even some lives could have been saved. So even if it’s not for me, someone will find a way to put it to good use.

  3. I can make an argument for carving up California into 6 pieces. You can live in the statelet that fits your politics. So, if you’re tired of the red part of the state affecting your everyday life (or the blue if that’s your issue) then pick the statelet that is right for you. Of course, after looking at the splitting of the state proposed, I think it already aligns pretty well to do that without most people even having to move.

    As for healthcare, I’m sure they could figure out how to make it work at least as well(poorly) as it does now. Can you tell I had to go through that whole process myself recently? Yeesh. If only they could hire people with actual computer and business skills to run these things.

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